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Vicarious Liability and the Jones Act

Vicarious liability is a concept that is firmly rooted in all legal systems. In the most simplistic terms, the idea …

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Tornado Causes Significant Property Damage In New Orleans

Tornado Causes Significant Property Damage In New Orleans

People in New Orleans and south Louisiana took precautions Tuesday ahead of a band of severe weather, with some New …

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5 Things to Know About the Louisiana Bicycle Laws

5 Things to Know About the Louisiana Bicycle Laws 2022

Louisiana Bicycle Laws People all over Louisiana enjoy riding bicycles, both as a means of transportation and for exercise. In …

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Port Arthur Oil Rig Fire

Coast Guard Rescues 9 in Port Arthur Oil Rig Fire

Working offshore can be dangerous, especially when it comes to oil rigs. Nine offshore workers are grateful for their lives …

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man overboard accidents

Understanding Man Overboard Accidents That Occur While Working Offshore

Falling overboard is one of the on-the-job hazards that maritime workers face.  A person can fall overboard due to bad …

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Allision vs Collision

Allision vs. Collision | What is The Difference?

You’ve probably heard the term collision, frequently used in discussions of vehicle accidents. But you may not be familiar with …

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inadequate training offshore

How and Why Inadequate Training Leads to Maritime Accidents

Unlike office jobs, working offshore is very dangerous. A slight mistake in the maritime industry can lead to severe harm …

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Commercial diving accidents in louisiana

Commercial Diving Accidents in Louisiana

Commercial diving is an inherently dangerous profession, to say the least. The brave men and women who work as commercial …

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A ship launching without any shipyard accidents for the maritime workers

Common Shipyard Accidents Maritime Workers Face

The US maritime industry is one of the significant contributors to the growth of the US economy. According to the …

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