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Tornado Causes Significant Property Damage In New Orleans

People in New Orleans and south Louisiana took precautions Tuesday ahead of a band of severe weather, with some New Orleans area schools going virtual for safety reasons. However, nobody could have possibly been prepared for what actually happened.

Tornado Causes Significant Property Damage In New Orleans

A massive tornado cut a path of destruction in the Lower Ninth Ward and through St. Bernard Parish Tuesday night, with one person reported dead so far. 

There are entire homes that were destroyed, and the tornado left a wake of debris and damage in its path. More than 16,000 residents in the area were without power following the storm, and many who had lost homes were looking for shelter.

The tornado was brought by the same storm that ravaged Texas and moved through Louisiana Tuesday. There were also reports of multiple tornadoes in the northern part of Texas, with at least one person reported dead.

Along with wildfires, tornadoes are among the worst natural disasters that individuals can face because of how unexpected they can be. 

It is certainly true that hurricanes cause more widespread damage and are much more familiar to Louisiana residents, but hurricanes have the benefit of being slow-moving and are capable of being tracked. On the other hand, Tornadoes suddenly appear in bad weather and wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims.

For many New Orleans residents, the aftermath of this tornado will be a very long process of putting the pieces together, salvaging what they can, once again dealing with insurance companies, and attempting to move on with their lives. 

One can only hope that no further loss of life is reported and that additional casualties are limited to property damage. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragic situation. 

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