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Business disputes are an unavoidable reality of running a business.

Business owners are not alone in this regard. Individuals have dealings with other people and companies, and these dealings can, and do, lead to disagreements.

Many times, these disputes are relatively modest and can be resolved amicably. But, sometimes, what may start as a seemingly minor disagreement can turn into something much more problematic.

Becoming involved in a business dispute can be incredibly stressful, both because of the uncertainty of the outcome and the time and energy spent dealing with it.

If you find yourself in a business dispute, The Mahone Firm can help. I’ve assisted businesses–both multinational and local–and individuals resolve their disputes, at times without the need for litigation.

Every dispute and every client is different, but my approach is the same: I learn what my clients want and need and devise a strategic plan for them to reach those goals.

As a Louisiana business lawyer, I have experience litigating a variety of business disputes, such as claims for breach of procurement contracts, purchase and sale agreements, indemnity agreements, and leases.

This experience has led me to the understanding that prolonged litigation is not always the best course of action.

Many times litigation simply does not meet a client’s business or personal objectives. With that understanding in mind, I will always try to favorably resolve your dispute without engaging in litigation; however, if necessary, I am prepared to fully litigate every case.

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