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Coast Guard Rescues 9 in Port Arthur Oil Rig Fire

Working offshore can be dangerous, especially when it comes to oil rigs. Nine offshore workers are grateful for their lives after being trapped on a burning oil rig platform on February 24, 2022. These oil workers were prepping for regular demolition practices when a fire broke out and trapped them on the decommissioned offshore rig.

Port Arthur Oil Rig Fire

This terrifying event highlights the dire consequences faced by offshore workers every day. The environments in which they work pose dangers of drowning, falls, and fires like this one.

The Coast Guard Saves Nine Oil Rig Workers

Several first response units arrived to save nine workers from a burning Port Arthur oil rig, who were hopefully unharmed by the oil-based fire. Within less than a few hours, the nine people were taken to safety by an evacuation helicopter, and efforts to put out the fire began.

The workers owe thanks to the prompt response of the aerial rescue team, who were quick to jump into action and prevent any tragic consequences from occurring. 

As of February 27, the fire still burns due to the inability to access the rig. The Port Arthur Fire Department works tirelessly with other first responder agencies, like the Port Arthur Office of Emergency Management, the Port Arthur Police, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Marine and Aviation Units.

According to the air, land, and water evaluations, the smoldering fire should burn out within a few days.

Offshore accidents like fires can happen for any number of reasons, ranging from natural consequences to faulty maintenance, or simply negligence in the care of offshore equipment. Many times they do not cause injuries but there are often times when they do lead to severe consequences. Safety practices and putting workers ahead of profits is always the best way to make sure that offshore fires are avoided. 

Hire an Offshore Injury Lawyer

Having an injury lawyer is critical if you have suffered injuries while working in the highly dangerous offshore industry. The Mahone Firm has represented workers who have gotten hurt on vessels, platforms, work barges, and other offshore environments.

We can be trusted to work hard to take care of all aspects of your case, maximize your recovery, and help you through the devastating aftermath of an offshore injury.If you are in the unfortunate position of suffering an injury while working offshore, call an offshore injury lawyer at The Mahone Firm at (504) 564-7342 for a free consultation to discuss your potential case.

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