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Involved in a dispute? Call a New Orleans civil litigation attorney today at (504) 564-7342. The Mahone Firm is here to help.I learned to litigate at Liskow & Lewis: a firm with one of the most respected business litigation practices in Louisiana. The Mahone Firm was formed to bring that sophisticated experience to individual and business clients, but while delivering personalized, one-on-one service to resolve cases quickly and effectively.

I pride myself on working cases aggressively, while remaining mindful of a client’s business needs. Additionally, I understand the disruption of any dispute, however small, has on the daily life of an individual or business. Taking a more personalized approach to business litigation allows me to minimize that disruption and be better able to dedicate my time and energy to resolve your dispute as efficiently as possible.

Why Get a New Orleans Business Litigation Attorney to Help You with Commercial Litigation?

The financial well-being and security of the company are a priority when a business is facing a legal dispute. You can help maintain the bottom line of your organization by hiring an experienced New Orleans Business Litigation Attorney. A knowledgeable business dispute attorney can help mitigate the cost and time of a lawsuit. Instead of seeing a lawyer as an added expense, look at it as an investment. If you attempt to take care of the problem on your own through negotiations, you may find yourself staring at a lawsuit and eventually wishing that you had hired a business litigation attorney in the first place.

Over the years, I have litigated a wide variety of business matters:

  • GENERAL COMMERCIAL LITIGATION: including breach of contract (such as right-of-way agreements, procurement contracts, purchase and sale agreements, and leases), lien enforcement, and open account matters.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS: including environmental contamination, marsh erosion, and general property damage disputes.
  • OIL AND GAS LITIGATION: including environmental remediation, breach of mineral and surface lease, joint operating agreement, and indemnity disputes.
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS: including first-party claims, third-party claims, and bad faith insurance claims.
  • EMPLOYMENT CLAIMS: including claims for discrimination and retaliation

Also, The Mahone Firm evaluates potential claims for unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (click here to learn more about employee rights concerning overtime).

These are just a handful of examples of the types of business disputes that can arise. Business litigation can involve a wide variety of matters, but there is one constant: you should not try to handle a dispute on your own. The Mahone Firm is here to help you through it.

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The Basics of Business Litigation

Business litigation law involves disputes arising from business and commercial relationships, including the claims of an establishment against groups of individuals, government entities, and other companies. The issues are usually intricate, rendering a lawyer’s understanding of the client’s company a predictable indicator of the outcome of the litigation. Because of the negative impacts that protracted litigation can have on a company, the effective handling of a dispute from its inception can be crucial to the bottom line.

Common Types of Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a term that covers a range of distinct business-related disputes and issues. Some of the conflicts that can harm a company is:

  • Breach of Contract – Parties under a contract are legally required to fulfill their promise. Contract breaches can mean that any or all the involved parties are not delivering on that promise. Contracts can be among other businesses, clients, or employees.
  • Employer-Employee Disputes – Disputes between these two parties are common. Disagreements about the work environment, insurance, or salary may arise. Additionally, employees may file a lawsuit against their company if they believe that their termination is discriminatory or unfair.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – This type of litigation usually arises with claims that an individual, often a professional, has breached a duty to others. Business litigation experience, along with business acumen, is required to analyze complex business disputes resulting from the breach.

Preparing for Business Litigation

Instead of adopting a wait-to-see approach to a legal dispute, business owners should take steps to prepare for commercial litigation. The first step is to speak with a New Orleans business litigation attorney. An experienced lawyer can offer immediate legal advice and support in situations that require quick decisions. Going over the organization and its practices with the lawyer is the next step. He/she can help business owners identify the business areas that are vulnerable to potential legal problems and provide ways to protect the company.

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If you or your business is involved in a dispute, whether a commercial matter, insurance claim, or otherwise, call a New Orleans business litigation attorney at (504) 564-7342 so we can talk about the issues and come up with a way to solve your problems.

Or, click here for answers to some questions frequently asked of New Orleans business litigation attorneys.

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