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New Orleans Property Damage Lawyer

A New Orleans, Louisiana Property Damage Attorney You Can Trust

Suffering property damage can be devastating for property owners. Few losses compare to coming home to a house that a hurricane or flood has destroyed. The fear of paying for the loss is only one part of the loss, as the emotional toll is equally devastating.

On the other hand, being unjustly accused of causing property damage can be just as hard. This is because of the legal costs and potential repair costs associated with facing a property loss claim.

New Orleans Property Damage Lawyer

As a New Orleans property damage lawyer, I spent years defending oil and gas companies and other businesses in countless lawsuits claiming environmental contamination and property damage. 

These cases frequently involved millions of dollars in damages. The invaluable experience that I gained defending property damage claims allows me to fully appreciate the needs of the different sides involved in property damage disputes. 

This will enable me to efficiently litigate the different types of property damage claims you may face.

Dealing With an Insurance Company

Property damage claims often involve insurance coverage disputes. Although property owners maintain insurance coverage and pay their insurance premiums on time every month, the insurance company may refuse coverage or try to marginalize the amount of damage. 

Hiring a property damage attorney before your insurance company denies coverage or lowballs your claim can be the difference between receiving fair compensation or potentially receiving nothing at all.

Many people in Louisiana had to fight for years to get fairly compensated for their losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Isaac, and Hurricane Ida.

Whatever type of Louisiana property damage claim you’re facing, The Mahone Firm’s goal is to ensure that insurance adjusters fairly compensate you for your losses

In addition to pushing for full compensation, The Mahone Firm also strives to work cases as efficiently as possible to deliver results to its clients in a timely manner. There is no reason for any unnecessary delay when you need every dollar possible to repair your damaged property.  

Types of Property Damage Claims

Properties and homes are susceptible to a host of damaging elements, which typically fall into the natural disaster or human error category. When filing a property damage claim, it’s important to note what damages are within the scope of your insurance policy or what can be properly claimed against a potentially responsible third party. 

Depending on the policies, the specific nature of elements covered by an insurance company will vary. An experienced New Orleans personal property damage lawyer like Mike Mahone may be the key to understanding and protecting your rights and ensuring you get the maximum compensation for your claim.

Most insurance policies for property in New Orleans usually cover a vast range of claims, including:

Natural forces

In Louisiana, natural forces play a significant role in property damage claims. Each year, about one in 40 insured homes has a property damage claim related to wind. Additionally, each year about one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage.


Hurricanes have a reputation for being unforgiving. The storms with violent wind can blow away trees, houses, and other structures. Also, this type of windstorm usually carries a lot of rain. An area hit by a hurricane can continue to experience torrential rain, which may result in flooding and cause more severe damage to properties.


When an earthquake generates powerful ground shakings or vibrations, it can cause structural damage to buildings or destroy the properties, including the items in them.


Landslides also pose a serious threat to property. Earthquakes can induce landslide disasters. While landslide and earthquake disasters involve earth moments, your insurance company requires you to purchase the covers separately. So, your earthquake insurance policy may not cover landslide damages.


The power and heat from lightning can be a source of ignition, especially if it passes through wood and flammable building materials. If it travels through the electrical wires, it can cause power surge damage. The wires are likely to burn up, presenting a fire ignition.

Human Error


A fire accident is one of the worst disasters to strike your property. It can leave you without a home or personal belongings.

Pipe Bursts

Bursting or leaking pipes are the common cause of water damage. The problem can occur when the pipes are old and misused. Or, the plumbing system has an issue like disconnected pipe joints and hoses.

Construction defects

Deficiency in construction can lead to failure in the structure of a property. Construction defect claims often involve damages resulting from poor building material, design, and workmanship.


Your home’s foundation can sink slowly, and cracks or splits may occur when sinking is uneven. Land subsidence can be caused by underground mining and leaking drains that soften the ground beneath your building. Your neighbor’s trees can also suck dry the soil beneath your home, causing shrinkage.

New Orleans Property Damage Statute of Limitations

Make sure you comply with Louisiana’s statute of limitations for property damage. Failure could result in the dismissal of your lawsuit. The set deadline for filing an insurance claim is often as quick as one year. 

This may happen when settlement negotiations with the party reasonable for damage take longer. That’s why it’s recommended to involve a property damage lawyer even if you opt for an out-of-court settlement.

Steps To Take For a Property Damage Claim

In the event you suffer property damage, The Mahone Firm recommends you follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: Notify your insurance policy provider as soon as possible and get a sense of your next legal steps.
  • Step 2: Take pictures of your damaged property to prove your insurance claim and make the case more compelling.
  • Step 3: Prevent further property damage if possible. Do this even before calling your insurance company.
  • Step 4: Make a detailed list of the other items damaged on your property.
  • Step 5: Find temporary or alternative housing if your property is not livable.
  • Step 6: Contact a property damage lawyer in New Orleans to walk you through the logistics of the deceptive property damage insurance claims.

Call a New Orleans Property Damage Lawyer

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Or, contact us for answers to some questions New Orleans commercial business litigation lawyers frequently asked.

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