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There is no charge for you to discuss your case.  If I decide to accept the representation, we will then come up with a fee arrangement.

The most common fee structure in personal injury and other plaintiff litigation is a contingent fee. Meaning, the client pays nothing unless money is recovered (either through a settlement or a trial verdict). Assuming there is a recovery, I will take a percentage of that as a contingent fee. The firm will also be reimbursed for any litigation costs spent during the case (such as filing fees, investigation costs, expert costs, and deposition fees). But, if there is no recovery, then the client owes nothing.

On the other hand, some clients may prefer to pay by the hour or make a single fixed fee payment at the start of their case. With fixed-fee and hourly arrangements, the costs owed by the clients will be discussed when the retention agreement is signed. But, regardless of the fee structure, I understand that everyone comes from different financial circumstances and am committed to coming up with a fee that works for you.

This depends on your claim. Louisiana has a legal concept called “prescription” (also called the “statute of limitations” in other jurisdictions) that gives a person who has suffered damages a specific amount of time to bring a claim. For example, most personal injury claims must be filed within one year of your injury. Determining the amount of time you have to file suit can be complicated, so you should check with an attorney to make sure that you understand how much time you have. The last thing you want to do is to wait too long and have your claim dismissed. 

If I hire you, who will I talk to if I have questions? My philosophy is simple: maintaining a docket of fewer cases allows me to devote more time to the needs of each of my clients. Because of this approach, you will not have to run your questions through a secretary or a paralegal; instead, you’ll speak directly to me throughout your case.

This varies by case and depends on the facts and issues involved. Some cases can be resolved in just a few months without even filing a lawsuit, and others may take years to finish. However, you can be confident that I will make every effort to resolve your case as quickly as possible, all while delivering the level of service you should expect from your attorney.

Maybe. In Louisiana, a party can be ordered to pay another party’s attorney’s fees if they are required to do so by the terms of a contract or by law. If either of those situations applies to your case, you may be able to recover your attorney’s fees. 

Maybe. Every case may go to trial, but the reality is that most cases will never see the inside of a courtroom because of settlements and plea agreements. Also, even if a case does go to trial, there may be strategic reasons for you not to testify. Still, regardless of whether you have a criminal or civil matter and whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, there is always a chance that you will have to testify.

Yes. Your communications with me, once you decide to hire me, are protected by the attorney-client (or lawyer-client) privilege. This protection should make you comfortable telling me all of the facts of your case so I can best represent you and protect your interests.

While I do handle a wide variety of cases, there is always the possibility that I don’t handle the type of claim that you need to pursue or that has been brought against you. But don’t worry. If I don’t regularly handle your type of case, I maintain relationships with many skilled lawyers who probably do. If your case is outside of the scope of what I do, I’ll gladly refer you to an attorney who will be able to help you.

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