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West Texas Rig Explosion and New Mexico Oilfield Explosion Claim Workers’ Lives

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Onshore exploration and production has spiked in recent years with the development of shale oil and gas around the country. This development has been particularly significant in areas of Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The increase in available oil and gas reserves has led to an increased need for people working in the oil and gas business, especially for oilfield workers.

But, the increase in jobs comes at a price. Working in onshore oilfields, just like working offshore, can be incredibly dangerous. Workers are dealing with heavy equipment and volatile conditions that can change quickly. This work environment can, and often does, lead to accidents. Sadly, many oilfield accidents and drilling rig accidents cause serious injuries and even death.

This tragic reality is illustrated by recent deadly oilfield accidents in Texas and New Mexico.

West Texas Rig Explosion and New Mexico Oilfield Explosion Show Dangers of Oilfield Work

On March 10, three workers were killed and a fourth was injured in a West Texas rig explosion. The workers were involved in operations on a Parsley Energy well in the Permian Basin of Texas, one of the nation’s top shale oilfields.

Then, the very next day, one worker was killed and another was seriously in an New Mexico oilfield explosion. The two injured workers were employees of Warrior Wireline and were in the process of unloading drilling pipe when the explosion happened.

Details on both accidents are scarce at this time, but the fact that the accidents occurred and the severity of the resulting injuries underscores the dangers faced by oilfield workers on a daily basis.

Louisiana Rig Injury Lawyer 

Oil and gas work can be challenging and can lead to a rewarding career. That being said, the work is very dangerous, so oil and gas companies should do everything that they can to keep their employees safe.  Even though this is what they should do, it doesn’t always happen.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a Louisiana rig accidentThe Mahone Firm can help you through it. Call today for a free consultation with an oilfield accident lawyer.

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