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Which Experts Will I Need for My Personal Injury Case

Most personal injury cases will not require expert testimony. But, in more serious cases, there will be issues that may need to be addressed by expert witnesses because they are beyond the understanding of lay people like you and I.

Deciding which experts you will use in your personal injury case will be up to you and your lawyer, but here are some types of experts that you may need:

Types of Personal Injury Case Expert Witnesses:

1. Vocational Rehabilitation Experts

If you suffer a severe injury that impacts your ability to work, you may want to have a vocational rehabilitation expert. These experts can help to determine the work that you are physically able to do and what you will be able to earn for that work. This ultimately allows for a determination of exactly how much you are going to lose in earnings per year or how long it will take before you can get back to making what you were making before your accident.

2. Economists

An economist will be useful to determine the total value of your wage loss claim, including the loss of any benefits. This allows you to present the jury with a precise number for the total of your loss over the entire time that you may be unable to work or t limited in what you are able to do.

3. Life Care Planners

A life care planner helps to account for the long term out-of-pocket expenses that you may suffer as a result of your accident. This can include a variety of different items, such as future surgical expenses, future physical therapy, and other future medical bills (doctor visits, in-home care, etc.).

4. Liability Experts

In complex personal injury cases, there may be a question about whether a particular defendant was negligent. A way to do this is to have an expert explain what would be expected of somebody like the defendant and how what the defendant failed to meet that standard.

5. Accident Reconstruction Experts

There are times where it is not entirely clear how an accident happened, particularly in car accident cases. An accident reconstruction expert can analyze all of the different facts (tire marks, vehicle damage, vehicle data, etc.) to explain what happened. This testimony can then be used to assign blame to the different parties and figure out who should ultimately be responsible for it.

6. Medical Experts

Although your own doctors are not retained experts, the other side may want to have a doctor conduct an “independent medical examination” on you. This exam will be completed by a doctor retained by the defense to determine the scope of your injuries, the appropriateness of the treatment you have received, and expectations of your future limitations.

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