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Louisiana Contract Fraud Claims

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Louisiana has several “vices of consent” that will void a contract. These grounds essentially prevent a contract from ever being formed and include error/mistake, duress, and fraud.

Fraud claims are fairly common and can be complicated. To better understand them, here are some things to know about Louisiana fraud claims.

Understanding Louisiana Fraud Claims

1. Elements of a Fraud Claim

In order to establish a claim for fraud, you have to show the following elements: (1) an intentional misrepresentation or omission of the truth, (2) the misrepresentation or omission was made with the intent to gain an unjust advantage or to cause damage or inconvenience to the defrauded party, and (3) the misrepresentation substantially influenced the defrauded party’s consent.

2. Relationship of Confidence

Though a party may not be excused from his or her neglect in discovering fraud, this does not apply if there is a relationship of confidence between the parties. However, this relationship must be such that it “reasonably induced a party to rely on the other’s assertions or representations.”

3. Third-Party Fraud

Louisiana law allows for a contract to be rescinded for fraud committed by a third-party (i.e., somebody who is not a party to the contract). This requires a showing that the other party knew or should have known of the fraud.

4. Damages for a Louisiana Fraud Claim

The Louisiana Civil Code allows for damages from “the party against whom rescission is granted.” Fraud claims are one of the few instances where a party can be awarded attorney’s fees as an item of damages. This is because Louisiana only allows for attorney’s fees awards where they are allowed by a contract or by a statute. Here, the statute specifically allows for them.

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