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Study Shows Decline in Nationwide Traffic Deaths

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recently compiled figures for 2013 show a decline in nationwide traffic deaths.

According to the NHTSA report, 32,719 people died in crashes in the United States in 2013. This is a slight decrease from 33,782 in 2012. Per vehicle mile driven, 2013 tied a record low for traffic related deaths.

The study also showed that deaths from distracted and drunk driving decreased in 2013, as did deaths from rollover crashes.

All in all, these numbers are very positive and demonstrate that conditions are getting safer for drivers on the road.

Reasons for Decline in Nationwide Traffic Deaths

The NHTSA cited a number of reasons for the decline in nationwide traffic deaths. For example, the government attributed the decrease in distracted driving deaths to recent ad campaigns against that behavior. Also, the NHTSA says that dynamic stability control on vehicles is responsible for the decrease in rollover crashes.

Other factors causing the decrease in traffic fatalities were generally safer vehicles, stronger laws, and stronger law enforcement.

Traffic Deaths Involving Large Trucks and Bicycles Still A Problem

Even with the overall decrease in fatalities, deaths involving large trucks and bicycle managed to increase in 2013. Large truck related deaths rose slightly in 2013, but bicycle crash deaths reached their highest point since 2006.

The NHTSA plans to work to address the problem of truck and bike deaths in the coming years. One proposal for bike safety is to get additional funding for bike lanes and to support education programs for cyclists and drivers. As for truck safety issues, the biggest concern is the number of hours that truck drivers will be on the road, which may actually increase in the future after a controversial spending bill was passed.

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The decline in nationwide traffic deaths is encouraging and should make motorists feel more comfortable being on the road.

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