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Conflicts over real estate property can be complicated and susceptible to unnecessary escalation. When the property dispute cannot be resolved by just talking to the other party, you will want to consult a property dispute lawyer as soon as possible.

There is a wide range of parties that can be involved in a property dispute, including neighbors, family members, landlords and tenants, municipalities, government agencies, homeowner associations, and trespassers. An experienced lawyer from The Mahone Firm can walk you through the existing laws that affect your situation and recommend the appropriate steps to resolve it.

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Common sources of property disputes

Property disputes come in many different forms and vary in severity. We cannot provide an exhaustive list, but we will share with you some of the common disputes on property. They include:

1. Landlord and Tenant Issues

The common types of disputes between landlords and tenants are over property evictions, damages, and repairs. Some landlords may choose to retain the tenant’s security deposit to cover for property damage, but the tenant can dispute the damage as insufficient.

2. Homeowners association disputes

Homeowners may face problems with HOA, like delayed or failed repairs and maintenance. Sometimes the governing board may take no action regarding neighbors’ nuisances. Nuisance can include posting indecent signs or pictures, burning of unauthorized material, and noxious fumes.
HOA, on the other hand, can have issues with homeowners when they paint a home using a different color contrary to what is allowed.

3. Zoning disputes

Municipalities use zoning regulations to control developments of the property. A conflict can arise when the property is not zoned correctly, or it is not used for the purpose it was zoned.

4. Ownership disputes

When a property has some unresolved claims or liens, it can affect the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. The seller may not have the right to sell the property until those issues have been fixed.
Ownership disputes can also occur when people buy property jointly. One might want to sell the property at some point, but the other opposes it. Sometimes there can be joint ownership with mortgage default or repossession.

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Do I need a property dispute lawyer?

Sometimes talking to the other party politely and respectfully can help resolve some minor property disputes. If the discussions are not productive and you’re left with the option to send a demand letter, it’s best to consult a lawyer. Property dispute lawyers will assess your case and tell you if you have a legal reason to file a dispute before you can send a demand letter.

When the negotiations or demand letter don’t yield the results expected, the lawyer can help with filing a lawsuit and represent you in court. While a lawsuit takes a lot of time, money, and is more stressful in preparation, it may be your only way to settle a significant property dispute.

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