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Hurricane Damage Lawyer in New Orleans

New Orleans Storm Damage Lawyer

Have you recently experienced damage due to a hurricane, or is an insurance company making the claiming process difficult? Contact New Orleans storm damage lawyer Mike Mahone today for a FREE consultation. 

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Was Your Hurricane Insurance Claim Denied?

Unfortunately, Louisiana is prone to destructive and damaging hurricanes with winds and rains that severely damage a home.

Recently, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, leaving devastating damage in several parts of the state, specifically in Laplace and the surrounding areas.

Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and businesses following the extensive damage. If you are a victim of the hurricane, you may need to file a hurricane damage claim.

The last thing you want is for your homeowners’ insurance provider to deny your claim or pay less than you rightfully need to recover from the disaster. 

Remember, insurance companies are like any other business looking to maximize their profits. Therefore, they have a motive not to act in your best interests.

Don’t allow the claim process to add to your mental distress. It is best to seek assistance from a hurricane damage attorney to form a strategy to maximize your settlement. 

An experienced lawyer will ensure you follow proper documentation and file everything correctly, giving the insurance companies no ground to refuse your claim.

If you need to speak with a hurricane insurance lawyer, call (504) 564-7342 to request a FREE consultation with Mike Mahone today. 

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Insurance claims are not straightforward because the insurance policy writers draft the policies to allow for exclusions. Through a few exclusions, insurers can find a way to turn down your claim or limit how much you get.

Recovering maximum compensation for the damages you have suffered starts with understanding the details of your policy. An attorney can uncover the hidden or vague clauses and limits in the fine print.

When hurricanes strike, they often bring several hazards like heavy rains, a storm surge, high winds, and tornadoes. Insurance companies are required to provide compensation as long as the damages suffered are related to your policy’s specific hazards.

Depending on the coverage level, you may recover money for structural damage, property damage, damaged contents inside your home, and additional living expenses (ALE). However, ALE will only be triggered if you cannot live in your home due to mandatory evacuation.

ALE coverage can include the costs of staying in a hotel or rental property. It also covers the rent a property owner would have collected from tenants if the hurricane had not destroyed the rental homes.

Generally, traditional homeowners or renters’ insurance policies often don’t cover storm surge and flood damages. Such risks are covered by flood insurance, which is purchased separately.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Hurricane Insurance Claim

  • File your claim as quickly as you can
  • Provide comprehensive photographic records or videos that prove your losses
  • Create a list of all damaged items
  • Save the receipts for all the additional living expenses incurred after damage
  • Have copies of all the documents you send to the adjuster or insurer
  • Document details of every conversation with the insurance company

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